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Testimonials from satisfied clients

I first met Ian Wolfenden of PlaneMarketing Group back in 2012 when he assisted me with the sale of my King Air C90.  In 2014 Ian sold my Cessna Citation Jet and located a Cessna Citation CJ3 for me.  Ian is a true professional with knowledge of aviation acquisition second to none.  I know this for a fact because of the problems we encountered during the location of my new CJ3.  I dragged poor Ian all over the US and once to Italy until he took things into his own hands and located me the perfect 2007 CJ3 in Paris, France.  He took care of everything including the import and reregistration of the aircraft.  My only contribution to the effort was to show up with Ian in Paris to fly the plane home.

If you are considering an aircraft transaction of any kind, I cannot recommend anyone more highly than Ian Wolfenden.  You will not find a more Honest, Hardworking and Knowledgeable individual in the aviation community.

Thanks again for everything Ian, still loving the CJ3, no better single pilot jet in the world…

Andrew Garvis
President of Industrial Smoke & Mirrors Inc.
Sold King Air C90, sold a Cessna CJ1, bought Cessna Citation CJ3

To whom it may concern:

I have had the pleasure over the past 15 years to know and have a business relationship with Ian Wolfenden of PlaneMarketing Group.  His expertise as a broker assisted me in selling 3 airplanes, purchasing 4 and has guided me through the purchase of an airplane on “my own”.  He was there at every step of the way, from physically seeing the airplane to log book review, photographs, phone calls to owners, brokers and maintenance.

Mr. Wolfenden arranged the pre buys, he was physically present and helped negotiate terms so that each party felt it was a fair deal.  The follow-up and attention to the physical and emotional details was excellent.

I would highly recommend Mr. Wolfenden to anyone who is interested in working with someone who is honest and always considers his client’s best interest over his own.

William E. Lippisch, DMD
Beech B55, Cessna 340A RAM VII, Beech B55 Colemill, and more

Dear Ian,
I just wanted to let you know how absolutely delighted I am with my new (to me) 182.  It arrived in its container a couple of days ago, completely undamaged in even the slightest way, and was so carefully documented, prepared and packed that our very strict customs and quarantine officers passed it without problems.  The aircraft itself is in magnificent condition, far better than I expected. You have described it very honestly and conservatively.
I got very nervous about spending my life savings on what is basically an internet purchase.  There are so many horror stories here from people who have imported aircraft from the USA.  I have previously purchased two aircraft from the USA through an Australian agent who goes to the USA to buy on customers' behalf. Both planes were basically OK, although one was disappointing cosmetically and the other missed a fairly major AD.  I have no such concerns with my purchase from you.
I had never seen this aircraft at all until it arrived in its box here.  Working with you has been an absolute delight.  Your patience with me and the inquiries I made about you and your business in relation to your previous sales and contacts with main Cessna dealers must have been perplexing for you.  Needless to say, I did not find one remotely dissatisfied customer.  As one US Cessna dealer said, "He's a very honest guy and does everything by the book".  I can now vouch for that comment personally.
Your guidance with the somewhat daunting deregistration process, export C of A, title search, and escrow services is excellent.  The shipper you arranged has been marvelous, showing great care with the shipment and taking the time to take me through the process.

In short, your company has provided me with an excellent value for money purchase and great peace of mind.  If any of your prospective customers would like to contact me personally, I will be pleased to speak to them.  Better still, if they are ever around Sydney, they can come and see my beautiful 182 for themselves.

Many thanks for everything,
Dr. Peter R Gibson
Tandate PTY Limited
Sydney, Australia
Bought 2005 Cessna 182T G100

To Potential Customer of PlaneMarketing Group:

My name is Chad Ingram and I have been flying my whole life.  My father has had an airplane since I could sit up so I really did grow up in the cockpit.  He is not able to fly any longer and his Aerostar is needing an immense amount of work.  So I set out to purchase my first airplane.  Although I have lots of piloting experience, this would be my very first experience at buying an aircraft.  I have heard all of the horror stories that made me very nervous about getting a plane that looked good but was a piece of junk.

When I started shopping, I came across Ian Wolfenden.  I made a trip to meet him and look at the airplane he had available.

From the start he was very up front with every detail and a pleasure to deal with.  All of my concerns were addressed and he made the purchase a dream for me.

Chad Ingram
Bought 1997 Beech A36 Bonanza